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Our motto is:"Buy Green, Sell Green, Be Green"

GreenPeople Listings are
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  • Over 10,000 Coops & Health Food Stores (details)

  • Over 850 listings with Organic Food mfg. category $29.95
  • Over 900 listings with Organic Cotton category $29.95
  • Over 500 listings with Hemp category $19.95
  • Over 800 CSA listings $24.95
  • Over 300 listings with Vegetarian org cagtegory $9.95
  • Over 350 Animal Sanctuaries $9.95
  • Over 400 Humane Societies $9.95
  • Over 300 Animal Rights Organizations $9.95

    (credit card payment can be made on payment form)

    Other segments and combinations of our database are also available.
    We can deliver the information in excel, Access or text file.
    For your use only.
(Includes all contact info that we have on file: business name, street address, city, state, zipcode, phone, fax and contact name and website.)
We do not provide email addresses but we can do an emailing on your behalf.

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