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How to add your eco-friendly business, organization of event to our Directory.

First step, see detailed explanation of membership features, then select your membership level.

Non-refundable Green Assessment fee of $14.95 grants a Basic listing with restricted features if approved, as well as the GreenPeople Seal of Approval. MLM and affiliate businesses (Mione, Amway etc) require purchase of a minimum $29.95 Sustainer membership, per our Listing Agreement.

For a detailed explanation of membership features, CLICK HERE.

Once you have entered and paid for a basic green assessment, Sustainer listing or Premium listing. During that time, we will examine your listing and your business against our green criteria. Businesses not appropriate for our directory will receive a refund minus the $14.95 green assessment fee.

Second step, choose the categories which best describe the focus of your business. Basic listings with green assessment may list one category; Sustainer listings receive two categories, and Premium listings may use up to three categories.

Third step, rank your selected categories. Determine which category best describes your product or service, which is second best, which is third.

Fourth step: enter your complete contact information. You may include your Facebook page, or other social media. Please note: phone number and email address are required. This information is kept for our office use only. Sustainer and Premium listings have the option of allowing directory users to contact them through our secure web-form.

Fifth step, write a complete description of your products or services. A detailed description is required, as this information is one of the main tools used to determine if your product is eco-friendly. You may also add hours of operation, and if desired, the year your business opened. Mention the forms of payment you accept. The goal is to give our directory users the best possible information on your products or services.

Sixth step, review your listing for accuracy, then click submit.

Criteria for acceptance: While we use many category-specific criteria to determine if a listing fits our directory, in general products must contain a significant component of organic, natural, or non-toxic ingredients, or allowed synthetic ingredients as defined by the National Organic Program, or ingredients declared by to be low hazard. Services must be either holistic in nature (chiropractic, mercury-free dentist, acupuncture, doula) or must pertain to the green industry (solar installation, green architecture) or be professional services offered to the green industry (green marketing, green web-hosting.) Specific criteria can be found HERE.

The fine print�s done. Let�s start!

Check the categories which best describe the Major focus of your business.

3 category limit for Premium listings
2 category limit for Sustainer
1 category limit for Limited listings.
Selecting fewer categories improves search results (to compensate for reduced breadth of coverage.)

Natural / Health food stores
Natural / Organic restaurant / Cafe / Juice bar

CSA or Buying Club
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Buying Club

Healthy Food: Organic   Vegan    Kosher
Check organic box if food is "organic" or contains significant amounts of organic ingredients.
vegan and kosher food products must be "Truly Natural"
(ie contain no white sugar, artificial color, flavor, sweetener, preservative, hydrogenation; and be rBGH and GMO free, non-irradiated, and not be overly processed)
Food options include
Bread / muffin / pie:
Cookies / snacks / cake:
Food Manufacturer / services:
Food delivery / catering:
Grains / beans:
Fruits / vegetables):
Herbs / spices / condiments / oils:
Coffee/tea/juice/cola/beer/wine/soy milk:
Organic Seeds / Heirloom Seeds / Native Seeds:
Dairy / eggs:
Meat / seafood:
Cereal / soup / entree:
Frozen /refrigerated:

Natural Baby & Child
Organic Baby Food
Organic Baby Apparel, Organic Kids Clothing
Natural Child Birth, Doula
Organics for Baby, Cloth Diapers
Green Day Care, Green Childcare
Organic Baby Products Manufacturer / Baby Service

Holistic Health
Herbalists / Traditional Chinese Herbs / Medicinal Herbs
Supplements Store / Vitamins and Supplements
Aromatherapy / Essential oils / Aromatherapists
Diet(ician) / weightloss
Homeopathy / Natural Home Remedies / Natural Cures
Body Work / Energy Work / Meditation
Health coaching, Personal counseling, Spiritual guidance
Holistic practitioner / naturopaths
Holistic Dentistry / Mercury Free Dentistry
Chiropractor / Family Chiropractic / Chiropractic Wellness Clinic
other holistic products or services
Manufacturer / Distributor / Services

Beauty Products
Products can be listed only if they contain natural (nonsynthetic) or allowed synthetic ingredients as defined by National Organic Program (NOP 205.601)
Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Vegan Soap, Organic Soaps
Natural Hair Care, Organic Hair Products
Natural Skin Care, Natural Cosmetics
Organic Beauty / Bath and Body
Personal care utensils
Manufacturer / Distributor / Services

Pet Products & Services
Dog walking / sitting
Organic Pet Food / Natural Pet Food
Pet Resort / Boarding Kennel / Pet Boarding
Pet Salon / Mobile Grooming
Natural Vet / Holistic Vet / Holistic Pet Care
Pet & dog training
Pet supplies /other services
Manufacturer / Distributor

Home & Garden
Green cleaning, Green cleaners
Home improvement / home remodeling / home building
Pest control
Solar energy / alternative power / green energy
Pool / spa
Other home products & services
Green Landscaping / Green Lawn Care / Organic Gardening
Home Goods / Green Furnishings
Green Kitchen / Green Appliances
Water purification / water filter
Home decorating / feng shui
Air purifiers / air filters
Work at home / franchise / independent / distributor *
Real Estate

Lifestyle Eco-friendly products: Hemp, Organic cotton, Recycled
Hemp Products / Hemp Clothing / Hemp Fabric
Organic Cotton
Recycling Companies / Recycled Products / Recycled Crafts
Eco Fashion, Upcycled Clothing
Vegan Goods, Cruelty Free Products
Vegetarian owned business
Green Gift, Eco Flowers, Green Stationery
Art, Entertainment, Recreation, Dating
Environmental Courses and Natural Medicine Courses
Finance / Business planning

Vacation and Travel
Lodging / bed & breakfast
Outdoor Gear / Cycling Equipment / Camp Supplies
Green Travel Services
Retreat Center, Health Spa, Spiritual Retreat
Other vacation / travel

Business to Business (B2B)
Organic Cloth / Organic Yarn / Organic Textiles
Organic Farms / Sustainable Farms
Industrial supplies
Farming supplies / processing
Private Label Manufacturers
Professional Services (legal/eng/etc)]
Green Packaging | Green Printing
Organic products wholesale, Green wholesale

"Nonprofit" Organization
   Check categories only in this box:
Health & Food safety
Animal welfare
Vegetarian / vegan / raw food
Animal sanctuary
Humane Shelters / Animal Adoption Centers / Animal Shelters
Animal rights

Event / Conference
Only check categories within this box
Health & Food safety
Animal welfare
Vegetarian / vegan / raw food
Animal sanctuary
Humane society / pet adoption
Animal rights

Books, Magazines, DVDs, Videos
Magazines / ezines
Videos / DVDs / CDs

Please Note
Choosing fewer categories improves your listing's appearance in those categories while reducing your breadth of coverage.

Choosing more categories reduces your listing's prominence in those categories but increases your breadth of coverage.

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 * "franchise /affiliate" type business (OneGroup, work at home, etc) require min $29.95/yr Sustainer listing  (Listing agreement)
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